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ITEM #R48.SQ Colleen Mauer

7-Stack, Mixed Metal Ring


Texture, color, sound, and the natural world are the main tools for transforming simple materials into cohesive, elegant collections. Colleen's design aesthetic celebrates clean geometries and effortless angles that complement any style—from casual and everyday, to chic and timeless.

Modern art as purposed for the hand. This four-color square Densa ring stack is made up of seven rings including 1 thick (3mm) silver, 1 thick rose gold, 1 thick silver, 1 thick yellow gold, 1 thin silver, 1 thin oxidized silver, and 1 thin yellow gold.

Special note: Because of the wideness of the stack ring set, it is recommended to buy a stack that is approximately a half to a full size larger than your normal ring size.

  • Made in the US
  • 14k rose gold-fill
  • 14k yellow gold-fill
  • Sterling silver
  • Oxidized silver

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