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A life-long obsession with the everyday actions we all take to care for ourselves and connect with one another sparked the creation of Crown Affair. Dianna Cohen, the founder of Crown Affair, found that most people's problems with their hair were often rooted in the same issues: they didn’t really understand (or even like) their hair, and investing in salon-priced products wasn’t an option for many. She knew that there must be a way to connect people with the products they wanted, the guidance they were seeking, and a community to help them redefine their relationship with their hair. Crown Affair specializes in affordable and thoughtful care products with a tight edit that any person can easily utilize to care for their hair everyday.
“It’s time the hair brush did a little redemption tour. After years of avoiding it in the hopes of prolonging blowouts (and way overusing dry shampoo), I’ve rediscovered the simple pleasure of brushing my hair again, made all the lovelier with Crown Affair’s beechwood bristle brush.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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