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ITEM #LK_FUS_04 Lenka Kerlicka

No. 02 Fusion, 18K Yellow Gold + Diamond Ring



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Lenka Kerlicka is on a path to becoming one of the masters in fine jewelry. It was only after she decided to change the course of her life, leaving her previous career to pursue her big passion for jewelry, when she learned she's a descendant of one of the prominent lineages of Prague goldsmiths dating back to 1790s - the Kerlitzky family.

FUSION is the combination of matter and glitter. It celebrates the movement in the forms of hand-shaped gold and, at the same time, the motion of light that radiates from the brilliant cut of diamonds. The light of the stones penetrates and surrounds the moving gold, and together, they perform an impressive dance.

Three ways fusion ring is a statement symbol of the earth, water and the sky. Earth – where we came from, water – what we’re going through and the sky- where we’re headed. The ring at the back is narrower for comfort.

  • Handmade in Prague
  • 18K gold
  • White diamond: 0.27ct  

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