Kate McLeod

Kate McLeod

When Kate McLeod started her namesake company, she didn't know skincare, but the former bakery owner and pastry chef knew food. As she examined the ingredients she was putting on her body, she started creating her own products in the kitchen using the ratio of her favorite ganache recipe. Instead of chocolate and Kerrygold butter, she used cocoa butter and almond oil. Two years and many versions later, she created the Body Stone, a solid moisturizer that melts on contact with warm skin, gently nourishing the body and creating a quick, comforting moment of self-care. 


“Such a good gift for a friend. Each Body Stone comes in a chic, reusable bamboo container (I use mine for kosher salt) and lasts forever. I love how as you use it, the stone molds to the shape of your hand” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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