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Jura Patchwork Throw


Begg x Co have been making beautiful scarves, wraps and stoles in Scotland since 1866. The small coastal town of Ayr has been at the heart of the brand for well over a century, when founder Alex Begg opened his first mill and began working with skilled local weavers. Begg’s original ethos is maintained thanks to the modern-day team of dedicated craftspeople, who continue to source the best quality yarns in order to create timeless, versatile products that are heavenly to touch and a delight to own. 

As members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, nurturing close relationships with key suppliers is something that we take very seriously. The manufacture of products using natural fibres means animal welfare is a major concern, and the monitoring of good practice is paramount to us. Our sustainability team make regular visits to the farms in Mongolia and China to allow us to feel confident about high standards of animal husbandry, and certifies that any cashmere, angora or wool materials have been sourced ethically, without coming into contact with any harmful chemicals. 

The Patchwork Blanket combines beautiful, colorful blankets from the Begg x Co archive and transforms them into something exciting, artisan, and well-crafted. The brand worked with designer Angela Bell to create an inventive pattern cutting technique, which resulted in zero waste. Sustainability is at the heart of Begg x Co, and so they have transformed archive blankets and throws into works of art. Each one a little different, the heirlooms of tomorrow. 

  • Made in Scotland
  • 75% lambswool, 25% angora
  • 47" x 69"

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