Paloroma was founded in 2020 by Jane Keltner de Valle and Giancarlo Valle, parents to Roman and Paloma, for whom the brand is named and inspired by. Jane is the style director at Architectural Digest. Giancarlo is an award-winning architect and designer. The couple created Paloroma out of a quest to find something for their little ones that they could trust and relate to. The result is a collection of essentials—a gentle cleansing bar, nutrient-rich cream and soothing hair and body wash—that are paraben-, petrolatum- and fragrance-free, and are also formulated without dairy, soy, or gluten.


“So often a line that looks this elegant does not have modern, forward-thinking formulas. This is the exception. And they’re just so sweet looking and make such an excellent gift for a new baby or bigger kids.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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