An experiment in modern alchemy.


Perfumer Patrick Kelly founded Sigil Scent in 2015, driven by the power of his own scent memories—orange blossoms floating on a warm breeze, hot sage unfurling in the California sun. To capture these moments, Patrick educated himself in old world perfumery practices, re-interpreting them through a contemporary lens. The result is an edited collection of long-wearing, complex, and 100% fine fragrances made with natural plant oils, absolutes, and tinctures. Each one of the premium gender-neutral fragrances are ethereal and rich in story, yet born of the physical earth.


“I love the meaning behind the word sigil, as defined by the brand: ‘A magical symbol created to represent inherent mystical forces, a set of ideals, or to serve as a physical focus through which to stimulate the imagination and achieve a specific state of mind.’ Perfume does that. It encapsulates a piece of us, bringing it forth, recapturing it, or discovering it anew.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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