Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann magnifies the power of nature, regional sourcing, responsible production and Alpine flora found in Austria. The curated range of face, body and bath products are founded upon an Austrian heritage that is deeply rooted in the practices and traditions of skin-healing and preventative rituals, holistic wellbeing and self-care; lovingly developed to treat the skin as one. Each product is developed using only the finest plant actives and botanical essences, carefully chosen for their efficacy and skin affinity.

As pioneers of conscious beauty, Susanne Kaufmann responsibly produces their products using solar energies and artisan craftsmanship, and have done since the very beginning in 2003. Discover some of their skincare icons, such as the Enzyme Peel; a gentle exfoliator developed with fruit enzymes to clarify and brighten the complexion, or Eye Cream Line A; the eye cream Founder Susanne swears by.


"It is one thing to say you are environmentally-minded as an individual and a brand, and another to live by a waste-less ethos. Susanne Kaufmann, the founder of the Austrian Alpine wellness line born out of a family-run spa, is firmly in the latter category."- Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor 

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