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Bel Vessel, Large


Through minimalist design and strong craftsmanship, Two Tree Studios aims to create products that help people connect with and find more meaning in their homes. Their original designs for vessels, utensils, boards and custom furniture are developed with consideration for longevity and durability. Every piece is hand carved, sanded and finished with a lifetime of good use in mind.

A turned vase with protruding carved abstractions with a fat slope and a concave bottom. Some variations and imperfections in materials, such as color, shape, etc. are to be expected, and are impossible to predict or control. This is in part the beauty of these kinds of pieces. We think of stable cracks, knots, streaking, spalting, etc as in fact desirable features– and do our best to include these unusual elements in our products whenever possible, highlighting the wood’s natural beauty.

  • Made in New York
  • Wood species 
  • Approx. 12-13"H, 6-7"

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