thesalting was conceived out of a shared bonding experience and a quest for newness by Michael Ward and Michael Smaldone, two fashion industry veterans and two native New Yorkers. thesalting is a unisex brand that equally combines the raw and the refined with a holistic approach to design. With a deep passion for craftsmanship, the need for true simplicity, and all-American production, the brand's of-the-earth ethos is directly inspired by salt-drenched coastal landscapes. It’s by-the-sea-lifestyle is further enhanced seasonally via thoughtful product collaborations with like-minded creatives. thesalting partnered with Helen Prior, a textile and surface artist, to create a collection of organic hand-crafted ceramics. Let thesalting take you to the sea and beyond.

"thesalting authentically prescribes to a naturalistic way of being. Tactile, elemental, and perhaps even sensorial, it transports you to an immediately familiar place of wonder." - Demetri Kotenoglou, Living Editor

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