Timothy Han

Timothy Han

In a sea of monotony, Timothy Han crafts stories in fragrance. Iconic works of literature written by some of the greatest writers to challenge convention are the inspiration behind each of its fragrances. Each one tells a story, from the scent, to the name, to the bottle and the artistic collaborations forged that bring each fragrance to life. Timothy Han believes that like a good novel, a fragrance should take you on a journey from the opening notes released in the first few seconds to the lingering remnants that fade away into memory hours later.

All of its perfumes are handcrafted in small production runs, assigning each batch an edition number in the same manner that vintages are assigned to fine wines. To echo their literary roots, each box of perfume is made to the exact size of a literary paperback to allow you to place the box on your bookshelf alongside the novel on which it is based.


“Interpreting seminal literary works into perfume is a delicious proposition for those of us who are both voracious readers and fragrance junkies. The storytelling possibilities are endless.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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