Une Nuit Nomade

This fragrance brand has coined the term “olfactive nomadism,” allowing your nose to roam from continent to continent, discovering new smells evocative of breathtaking destinations and moments in time. Jardins de Misfah takes you to the village of Misfah Al Abreyeen in Oman, with a cornucopia of dates, pomegranates, cardamom, and saffron; Memory Motel evokes Andy Warhol’s Montauk, with its tobacco, patchouli and vanilla notes; and Murmure des Dieux takes on the enchanting frangipani of Bali. We are the beneficiaries of its limitless quest for a more fragrant world.
“The idea of motionless journeys feels poignant right now, and scent is a portal through which we can begin to do that, wherever we are.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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