Verdant Alchemy

Verdant Alchemy

Founded by Vivien Leung in 2018, Verdant Alchemy is a modern, natural and vegan bath and body brand crafted in London. The brand is rooted in essential minerals and plant-based efficacy; creating products to help you rest, refuel and thrive in today's modern world. Leung created the brand after finding comfort and renewal in mineral bathing during her own period of burnout and stress.

Today, all of Verdant Alchemy’s bath salts and bath oils are handcrafted in its London workshop to ensure optimum freshness and the highest quality. Its mineral bath salts are also certified COSMOS natural by the Soil Association, which measures product purity, ingredient supply chains and even what cleaning products are used in production.


“The vast majority of us are magnesium deficient. Luckily, a bath is one of the best ways to deliver the essential mineral to our bodies. I love that the Verdant Alchemy bath salts are all rich in magnesium, but each one has different additional oils and botanicals to suit your mood.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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