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ITEM #ANUSHKA Aleksandra Viktor

Anushka Velvet Coat





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ALEKSANDRA VIKTOR is a contemporary brand, founded in Berlin by Aleksandra Jagdfeld, with a traditional approach that tells the story of the origin of fashion. Through one iconic wardrobe essential, the coat, ALEKSANDRA VIKTOR takes you on a journey exploring heritage, tradition, culture, and a deeper sense of connection with a continuous focus on fascinating, high-quality fabrics and modern shapes.

The fabric of the Anushka CHAPAN is handwoven on a traditional handloom in Uzbekistan. Each CHAPAN is made from a blend of the highest quality silks and cotton, specifically designed and created for this collection.

The Anushka pattern is part of an ancient, traditional Uzbek pattern. Aleksandra studied hundreds of old patterns, chose exciting elements, and gave them a new interpretation and sophisticated colors.

  • Imported
  • 80% silk, 20% cotton
  • Lining: 100% silk

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