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ITEM #2104821 Baccarat

Béluga Whiskey Decanter


The Béluga decanter, designed for Baccarat by Savinel and Rozé, is the perfect vessel in which to store and pour your whiskey.

Just as whiskey - a spirit whose quality is strictly regulated - is about the art of distillation, Baccarat is about the art of crafting barware using the finest clear crystal. Be it single malt or cask strength, first-rate whiskey merits the finery of a Baccarat decanter. The lovely circular motif at the base of this decanter creates a dappled effect that makes the experience of drinking all the more multifaceted.

  • Made in France
  • Full lead crystal
  • 8.3"H
  • Volume 25.4 oz
  • Hand wash

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