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ITEM #CL Gilded Sculpture 1 Carol Leskanic

Water Gilded Sculpture 1


The beauty of the perfectly imperfect. The power of sensitivity. Handcrafted objects, modern heirlooms, original one of a kind pieces. Respecting the history and tradition of a lost art, savoring the concept of a patina created by time, Carol has adapted the ancient process of water gilding and has applied it to the quiet beauty of a minimal, modern aesthetic.

Each form is created individually, by hand, using a fortified clay that is then moved forward, when dried, with the traditional water gilding materials and process…. Studio made gilder’s gesso, clay and the hand application of gold leaf, burnished with an agate stone to a high shine. A slow, quiet and meticulous process that cannot be rushed, each piece takes about a month to create in studio.

Varying karats of gold leaf produce varying colors of burnished gold… 12kt white gold, 18kt lemon, and numerous karats creating subtle variations of yellow golds.

Inspiration….The Power of Sensitivity….inter all expressed through external form 
  • Made in the USA
  • 23K gold
  • Oak wood

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