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Flare, 14K Green Gold + 18K Brown Gold Bi-Metal Ring



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EN is a fine jewelry collection created in Upstate New York by Malu Byrne and Rick Van Streain Low. Based on the belief that jewelry should empower its wearer from within, unexpected stone selections are paired with a poetic/pastel array of metal combinations which often feature hidden stone settings. Colorful, bold, stone focused pieces born out of our respective sculptural backgrounds to create fresh, clean, timeless, luxurious, statement making adornments. A reinterpretation of what traditionally masculine and feminine jewelry might mean.

A ring to highlight the subtle color change between warm and cool tones; harmony and duality. 14k vibrant green gold coupled with warm 18k Venetian brown gold.

  • Handcrafted in NYC
  • 14k green gold, 18k brown gold combo

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