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ITEM #BB10-01 Hellen Bath Brews

Center Your Heart Bath Brew


A seismic shift in her life led founder Hellen Yuan to rediscover the powerful healing properties of the bath, which she describes as helping to brew her back to life. She has created a new consciously-crafted line of salt-based baths - each one tied to an element, an intention and a chakra - using salts, essential oils, crystals, and flowers.

Expand love by expanding the ways in which you care for yourself. Create ease in your being. Center your heart in self-love so that it can be opened to the world and fully ready to receive the abundance that will flow in freely. 

  • 10 oz
  • Therapeutic grade salts: himalayan, epsom, dead sea
  • Therapeutic grade oils: organic spike lavender, organic french lavender, organic rose 
  • Organic flower: rose petals
  • Precious stones: clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst

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