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ITEM #BBT-03 Hellen Bath Brews

Feet On The Ground Travel Bath Brew


A seismic shift in her life led founder Hellen Yuan to rediscover the powerful healing properties of the bath, which she describes as helping to brew her back to life. She has created a new consciously-crafted line of salt-based baths - each one tied to an element, an intention and a chakra - using salts, essential oils, crystals, and flowers.

The time to stand is now. Before we can create a new path, we must purify the placement of our own two feet. We must dig up fear, worry and anger - choosing instead to entrench our being with balance, equanimity, and loving listening. Re-root yourself and reform the earth. 

  • 4 oz
  • Therapeutic grade salts: epsom, dead sea
  • Therapeutic grade oils: organic juniper berry, organic cedarwood atlas, organic spruce black 
  • Organic flower: California white sage sourced in the Mojave Desert
  • Precious stones: tiger eye, pyrite, black tourmaline
  • Female Founded
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • 100% Plant-based or Organic Ingredients
  • Ethically Sourced Ingredients
  • Free of Harmful and Toxic Chemicals
  • No Added Fragrance or Color
  • Eco-Friendly or Sustainable Packaging

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