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ITEM #LKL-14KR James Banks

Lightkeeper, 18K Rose Gold, Black Diamonds + Ruby Necklace, Large


James Banks Design creations’ manifest through the conversations and envisions of Heidi Nahser Fink and Adam Shulman. Through initial discussion, pieces are dreamt of, invented, designed and then methodically brought to life.

The lightkeepers live among us. Those who seek and carry the light. Those who embrace life's tenderest feelings and most profound creations. Those who understand the sacred existence we've been blessed to embark. And those who realized that togetherness is material and ethereal. They bring us light. They hold thee light. They carry the light. They are the light. Hang the light close to your heart.
  • Made in the USA
  • 18K rose gold
  • Black diamond
  • Ruby 

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