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Dry Skin Face Oil


A minimalist approach that’s all about more actives, less additives. Dr. David Scherf, founder of Less, aims to counter multi-step routines and overconsumption of beauty products with a skin and hair care range that feels essential and considered.

Less Dry Skin Face Oil consists of five certified organic plant oils sourced from the world's finest oil mills and is perfectly formulated to treat dry and damaged skin. Moisturizing jojoba oil, regenerating avocado oil, protective apricot seed oil, antioxidant grapeseed oil, and cell regenerating hemp oil soothe and nourish the skin and create a smooth and silky surface. Less face oils are uniquely gentle and also ideal for treating the sensitive eye area.

  • Made in Germany
  • Dry skin types
  • 25 ml
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • 100% Plant-based or Organic Ingredients
  • Ethically Sourced Ingredients
  • Free of Harmful and Toxic Chemicals
  • No Added Fragrance or Color
  • Eco-Friendly or Sustainable Packaging

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