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Sacred Incense


Made by Yoke is a holistic wellness brand committed to making sustainable self-care accessible to everyone through the power of Ayurveda. It was born from a desire to slow down, go within and connect to people and places that fill us up. 

Whether you’re new to incense or just want to expand your practice, burn Sacred incense sticks before or after meditation, or in any sacred space to calm, relax, and center. Pair with our luxurious handmade, brass incense holder to elevate your space.

The key ingredient in Sacred are sage and patchouli which are known to reduce anxiety and aid in relaxation.

  • Made in California
  • Hand-Dipped 
  • Ingredients: Charcoal Stick, Fragrance Oil, Dipropylene Glycol
  • 20 Sticks Per Box

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