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ITEM #MSTCNY HWA16.6 Margo Selby

Hand-Woven Original Art 16.6


Margo Selby is a celebrated textile artist, creating distinctive hand woven artworks which unite a modernist aesthetic with the depth and texture that is inherent in woven textiles.

Individually hand woven at their Whitstable studio, this unique piece explores the unity of color and structure; how yarn can be blended, revealed and concealed in a textile to create modernist, abstract color studies which celebrate woven textiles.

An evolving palette of fresh, clean hues punctuated with acid yellow and rich deep blue, form the basis of this new series of handwoven artworks by Margo Selby.

The subtle tonal variations in each piece are achieved through the blending of over 5000 threads in structured blocks. Each block is defined by it’s tone and textural quality woven in blends of cotton and silk.

Each artwork is framed in art glass with a bespoke high quality white wooden frame.

  • Cotton and silk
  • 33"W x 35"L
  • Handwoven
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