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ITEM #MD Candle Augustine BLACK Moro Dabron

Augustine Candle


Moro Dabron is a partnership between London-based designers, Austin Moro and Eliza Dabron. Born from a love of romantic interiors and gardens, a kinship with fragrance, and a shared aesthetic sensibility, they carve a ruminative space for the poetics of scent.

Augustine brings to mind tradition, cool marble, and rain-drenched earth. Its many undertones feel ensconced in a bygone era, one of opulent hallways and heels clacking softly down echoing corridors. It is a scent that deepens as one leans into it, a rich blend of notes that sit on the ruminative cusp between the classical and the modern, embracing both Apollonian austerity and Dionysian fervour.

Top notes: Frankincense, cistus 

Heart notes: Agarwood, vetiver

Base notes: Amber, labdanum, musk

  • Made in the UK
  • 11.6oz
  • Burn time: 70+ hours
  • Reusable stoneware vessel

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