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Devil Ball Toy, Medium


These Mr. Dog toys not only brighten the life of your beloved pet but the lives of others as well. Handmade by a fair trade company in Nepal that caters to battered and abused women, teaching them a cottage trade so they can independently support themselves and their families.

The Mr. Dog Devil Ball is made for those pups who can go from sweet to devilish in no time flat. Crafted in 100% merino wool, these felted balls are a durable, safe and eco-friendly toy that exercises the jaw and cleans teeth naturally. Merino wool has a natural lanolin that dogs love and keeps them engaged and entertained. 

      • Handmade from fair trade artisans in Nepal
      • 100% merino wool
      • Diameter: 4"
      • Maintain the shape of your Devil Ball, just wet the felt slightly and use your fingers to push back into shape; allow to dry naturally before giving it back to your dog

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