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Ceramic Bowl, Small




At Mr. Dog, their goals are simple: build products that are beautiful, durable, whimsical and complement a shared world for dogs and people alike.  All products are tested by their own ambassadors that lick, chew, bite, throw, rub and sniff each invention with a stamp of approval.

This signature bowl is ergonomically designed to allow dogs to keep more in their mouths – and leave less on your lovingly maintained floors. The smooth, cornerless, nookless, ridgeless interior eliminates the never-ending muzzle struggle to reach every last, delectable bit. And because it’s non-toxic and water-tight, everybody stays happy and healthy.  Made in partnership with Mudshark Studios in Portland, OR, known for their custom, innovative ceramic processes, to produce our bowls in small batches.

  • Made in Portland, Oregon
  • Glazed earthenware
  • 6"D x 2.75"H
  • Dishwasher safe, but hand wash recommend to extend life

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