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Malak Icy Oval, 18K Yellow Gold + White Diamond Necklace


Nada’s designs are imbued with feelings, memories and experiences. Moments, thoughts and sensations are captured in undulating waves of gold that are contrasted with precisely set diamonds and precious gems, celebrating our unique complexities.

The Malak collection was inspired by emotions Nada experienced in the months prior to the birth of her daughter. Malak, which means ‘angel’ in Arabic, was the name Nada chose for their unborn daughter.

Translating the swell of heightened feelings and anticipation in waves of brushed gold, cushioned with icy multi-sized diamonds, the first piece Nada created was the bold Malak ring. A signature which has come to define her asethetic. Each ring is made in two separate parts – the base, in one gold color and the top in another, in harmony with the color of the "ones.

The Malak Icy Oval necklace features a textured gold pendant with icy diamond chips. Cast in pure 18k yellow gold with a delicate chain. 

  • Made in Lebanon
  • 18k yellow gold
  • tcw 8.0 Icy diamond

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