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ITEM #E1032GS Ondyn

Small Sparkler, 14K Yellow Gold + Bezel Set Diamonds Spiral Earring


With composition that is both sleek and elegant, ONDYN incorporates the gentle fluidity of water into its design to create jewelry that moves with you. Conceptualized by New York City based designer, Tara Maria Famiglietti, each creation combines technical ingenuity and a refined architectural aesthetic. ONDYN's pieces drape like a second skin, taking shape on the body and sending diamonds in motion - manifesting the kinetic flow of the sea to create a new visual language for the elemental world.

A bursting firework of diamonds for your ears, the Sparkler Earring is an explosion of diamonds catching the light as they twist and dance off your ear. Four trails of articulated diamonds shoot off from a large diamond spiral. 

  • Handmade in Thailand
  • 14K yellow gold
  • White diamond: 1.81ct

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