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ITEM #1022

Curl, Sterling Silver Chain Necklace


Sentient creates future heirlooms for all humans. Sentient imagines what humanity will be nostalgic about and long for in a future where we are bioengineered, cybernetic, traveling through space, and living an interplanetary life. Sentient pieces are designed as an antidote to upheaval, reminding us to be human; to feel, to listen, to see, to be present.

This charm of a dumbbell is to remind us of the grounding sensation of utilizing our muscles, like doing bicep curls. Its threaded handle allows wearers to practice tactile meditation. 

  • Made in Brooklyn, New York
  • Finished with signature null clasp
  • Micron plated with 14K white gold
  • Sterling silver chain
  • Chain length: 17.5"

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