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Nemara Noir, 18K White Gold, Tahitian Pearl + Diamond Necklace


State Property is an award-winning contemporary fine jewelry label rooted in Singapore. Founded by a jeweler and an industrial designer, the label navigates the cusp of art and design, fusing contemporary approaches to design with traditional craftsmanship. State Property is quickly becoming a cult favorite across the globe, with fans that include some of the most influential women, like Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman, and Lady Gaga.

The Nemara Noir Necklace is a work of art inspired by the opulence of the Byzantine era. Tahitian pearls line the base of the necklace with inlaid diamond eyes. White gold orbs seem to float off the Tahitian pearls with additional sparkling diamonds. The necklace is luxurious but versatile, can be paired with just about any look. 

  • Made in Singapore 
  • 18K white gold 
  • 2.52 ct white diamonds 
  • 9 mm Tahitian pearls 

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