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ITEM #TS-B-R Transparent Sound

Transparent Speaker, Large


Praised for its design and its audio quality, Transparent Sound is on the cusp of art and technology. Rich bass, clear mid range and crisp highs, this speaker aims to produce a “transparent sound,” which means to have a neutral tuning and stay true to the recording.

The Transparent Speaker is carefully designed to every detail. The product is refined to the essential elements, constructed by one single aluminum “uniframe” and tempered glass panels. This speaker is designed to be as much an interior object as a great sounding piece of technology, but also to be upgraded over time. Equipped with Bluetooth™, but also ready for whatever tech advances that might be useful in coming years. An aspiration to become better over time.

  • Imported
  • 17"L x 4.5"W x 13"H
  • Aluminum and tempered glass
  • 24 lbs
  • Class D, built-in amplifier
  • Cables: 2x audio cables (long and short), 2x power cables (mains and USB)
  • Wireless, bluetooth capabilities 
  • “Toaster Slot” with power supply in back
  • Wall mount with brackets and screws included

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