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ITEM #N/A Vale

Arcadia, 14K Yellow Gold + Diamond Small Pendant


The creative duo behind Vale, twin sisters Eva and Ava Bai have always been fascinated with hands-on art. These New York-based artisans bring an uncommon mix of gemstones, including diamond slices, grey diamonds and a wide range of cuts to their modern creations. All pieces emphasize the smart practice of recycled metals and responsibly sourced stones.

Like the Virgil's idyllic paradise, this amulet calls forth a beautiful and protected land. Arrows radiating across the center represent protection and the shape a momento mori attesting to the transitory nature of life. Wear this for strength and protection. Set with a brilliant cut white diamond. 

  • Made in the USA
  • 14K yellow gold
  • White diamond
  • Pendant only

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