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ITEM #VGF0005 Veronique Gabai

Noire De Mai Parfum


The signature perfumes are inspired by the Côte d’Azur, and the beauty of the raw materials harvested in its center, Grasse. They all have a strong olfactive signature, while remaining breezy and infused with light. They bloom on skin, long lasting and memorable. They are all part luminosity, part mystery.

Black rose. An opening bouquet of fresh, humid drops of dew at dawn; it blooms at noon, full of color, drenched with sun, almost intoxicating if not for the breezy air whistling through the notes. Its complexion reveals a dark facet, an invitation to forbidden sensuality, with woods, moss and a touch of amber. Proud and sinful.

  • Made in France 
  • 85 ml

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