The name Punicana comes from the word Punica, which is the scientific name for pomegranate. In Turkish culture, the pomegranate is a symbol for good fortune, abundance and fertility.

Punicana was founded by Evren Doğançay, a fashion buyer with over ten years of experience working with retailers all around the globe. Her long standing retail career taught her exactly what, when and how women like to dress in their everyday lives. Evren uses two different handmade fabrics in her fashion line: Ikat and Kutnu. Both sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, these fabrics have a difficult and slow production process making them unique in everyday production.

“They are so beautiful and so luxurious, yet I very rarely see Ikat and Kutnu used in fashion collections. These fabrics are truly works of art and so kind to nature that I think women should be able to wear them every day and for every occasion from beach times to cocktail hours. So I created Punicana…” - Evren Doğançay


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