Manasi 7

Manasi 7

Professional makeup artist Susanne Manasi designed and developed Manasi 7 in Stockholm, and launched it in 2018. The aim was to develop richly-colored and long-lasting makeup made with the nourishing and healing properties of natural, wild harvested, and certified organic ingredients. The result is a treasure trove of minimalist white pots, each one filled with lush, wearable colors that are meant to be dabbed on using the warmth of your fingers. The number seven in the brand’s name is linked to what it calls the Declaration of (7), a manifesto about its belief system, which includes a commitment to ethical sourcing, small batch production, and colors that are adaptable to a wide range of skin tones.


“I love how atypical these colors feel, and how versatile they are. There is something about the tones and the depth of the shades that capture a sophistication and modernity that few other brands do.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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