Maison d'Etto

A forward-thinking statement on gender-neutral scent for the 21st century, Maison d’Etto debuted in late 2019. Founder Brianna Lipvosky has developed five distinct artisanal fragrances, each one of which is named for an unforgettable horse and inspired by moments in equestrian life and nature that have made a lasting impression. Every detail has been thought out, from the 2000 shades of green considered for the packaging to the shape of the bottle cap, which comes from the inside of a toy teacup belonging to the founder’s daughter.
“These are collaborations between Brianna and some of the most astute noses in the business - Carlos Benaïm, Celine Barel, and Mackenzie Reilly. Each one is so clearly the result of a super high taste level and respect for the craft of the perfumer. I can’t stop wearing Durban Jane but as spring approaches, I’ll be switching to the vetiver-heavy Macanudo.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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