Nina Ricci

 Nina Ricci has represented bold and optimistic femininity since its inception. In 1946, the Maison created its very first perfume, Coeur de Joie, followed by the iconic L’Air du Temps in 1948, embodying the timelessness of the house.
More than a brand, Nina Ricci encourages women to flourish and feel their best. Independent, powerful and elevated by a sincere beauty, the Nina Ricci woman is empowered to reveal the charm of her emotions and fulfil her deepest desires.

As Robert Ricci once said,“I work for people whose sensitivity matches my own”. 

Maison Nina Ricci portrays women through imaginative storytelling filled with allegories and symbols, including the Three Graces, doves, apples and flowers. Since its foundation, Nina Ricci has maintained a constant contemporary craftsmanship helping women to thrive. This unique artistic sensibility combines simplicity and purity with a profusion of creativity. Nina Ricci creates artistic momentum in freedom.
Nina Ricci

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