Peter Speliopoulos

Peter Speliopoulos is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works between New York and Patmos, Greece. For over thirty years, Speliopoulos established an international career across fashion and costume design. He has led design and creative direction at Donna Karan and Cerruti and has collaborated with director/choreographers Karole Armitage and Luca Veggetti on costumes. During a 2011 Greek holiday, Speliopoulos began to study pottery. Finding an immediate affinity for the material, he moved into more formal ceramics studies which eventually led to the formation of Peter Speliopoulos Projects in 2015. Speliopoulos creates pieces to provoke the senses, as they embrace a respect for history with the fast forward motion of modern life. A balance of primitive and contemporary, each handmade piece is simultaneously authentic, provocative, and a delight to the senses.

“Peter’s ceramics feel like lost treasures that have been magically unearthed from some distant land. They have the unmistakable mark of being made by hand, drawing you in and commanding your attention.” - Demetri Kotenoglou, Living Editor

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Peter Speliopoulos

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