Necessity is the mother of invention, even when it comes to fragrance. Dalegerard founder Dale Gerard Rozmiarek began experimenting with creating his own scent after never quite finding the one. The intoxicating result, and the friends, family and strangers who were equally enthralled with it, lead him on a journey of creating his own blends from scratch under an eponymous brand. The goal for each Dalegerard fragrance - Vocation, Discernment, and Mannered - is for every spritz to feel like the first. Much like that moment you smell the scent of a new car or a fresh rose, but every time it’s new. Fresh, clean, modern, classic. Scents that will carry you through life. The cherry on top? All Dalegerard fragrances stem from social consciousness, environmental responsibility, and sustainable practices for everyone responsible for their creation - Mother Earth included. 

“I love that each of the three scents have patchouli and cedarwood running through them, but in really different ways, and they can all be worn by any one, of any gender.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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