Leur Logette

Leur Logette is a Japanese brand whose name in French translates to “their little hideaway.” Launched in 2002, inspired by Parisian décor, the name was chosen to highlight the intimate nature of the collection. Designed by Masako Imoto, the collection uses premium Sophie Hallette lace, Malhia Kent tweed, Jakob Schlaepfer, Steiff mohair, Jackytex silk and other couture-quality custom-made fabrics and detailing. Masako sees her design as a metaphor for worldly diversity - combining contrasting fabrics and handmade finishing harmoniously in each garment.

Masako enjoys traveling all over Europe sourcing materials and vintage shopping for inspiration. Her creation is always comfortable to wear but has the beautiful and delicate details that are visually appealing. Masako’s dream is to create pieces that women will cherish for a life time. After building a widely successful following for over a decade in Japan, the NEWS launched Leur Logette worldwide in the fall of 2013.

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Leur Logette

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