Much more than simply creations, MUGLER produces works of art, from fashion to fragrance, that are accessible to everyone.

MUGLER defies the laws of space and time through its sculptural and versatile works. A powerful act of creation with vast possibilities. A fusion of opposites, the MUGLER universe is an experimental laboratory. Inspired by imagination and curated by culture, they cultivate an avant-garde approach. Head held high, oversized shoulders, narrow waist: MUGLER celebrates the feminine figure, and a MUGLER silhouette is immediately recognizable.

The constant search for innovation combines both old and new technologies, with the belief that traditional expertise can be transcended into contemporary creations. Alternative cultures, art, and humor serve to turn away from existing codes, with the goal of democratizing fashion and fragrance and making them a platform for individuality and personal fulfillment.

"My goal is to create a new culture around MUGLER... I want MUGLER to be for many different types of women, of all ages, sizes, colours and for any moment of the day." - Casey Cadwallader, Creative Director of MUGLER Fashion 

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