Van Gelder

Van Gelder

Van Gelder Jewelry is a family-run business founded in 1980. In 2000 founder Bernadette van Gelder – van der Ven was joined by her two daughters Fleur Damman – van Gelder and Noelle Viguurs – van Gelder. The firm specializes in traditional heritage jewelry from India and has grown to one of the leading international dealers in this field today.

For almost 40 years Van Gelder Jewelry has been on a quest to discover, understand and collect the most extraordinary quality of traditional heritage jewelry from India. All the pieces in the Heritage Collection meet the highest standards of quality, rarity and condition. The Van Gelder’s aim for perfection can be considered as a true life’s work, something that perfectly fits their business and family culture.

Whilst honoring the solid foundation of their first love, traditional Indian jewelry, the beautiful, age old design and craftsmanship stirred the sisters imagination. Progressively this triggered a creative process they felt the needed to explore, which eventually led up to the ambition of expanding Van Gelder Jewelry with their own, contemporary jewelry designs.

Van Gelder

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