Lobmeyr Glass was founded in 1823 by Joseph Lobmeyr Snr. as a high class retail store in Vienna specializing in art glass. Lobmeyr sold glass that he had designed and commissioned from various glassworks, some of which he owned at various stages.

Lobmeyr Glass has been a major art glass operation through the 19th and 20th centuries, and was closely linked with the very best in art glass at every stage. In the mid 19th century they commissioned enamel painted glass from Anton Egermann; at the turn of the century they worked closely with the major Austrian and Bohemian glassworks of Meyer's Neffe and Kralik; they were major players in the Wiener Werkstatte glass developments in the 1920's, employing Josef Hoffman as their artistic director and commissioning work from Hoffman, Michael Powolny, and Adolf Loos, amongst others.

The Austrian manufacturer of crystal chandeliers and other objects of desire (famous for its exquisitely thin “muslin” wine and water glasses) is still family owned and run, which allows it to treasure its heritage and nurture innovation at the same time.

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