Launched in June 2019 by Lebanese designer Eli Mizrahi,  Mônot was created to provide powerful women with modern clothing designer to accentuate and celebrate their favorite features.

The house has taken a modern approach to fashion consumption, showing seasonless, bi-annual collections designed to remain in a woman’s wardrobe for years of heavy rotation rather than mere months. This strategy keeps the focus on creating pieces with couture-level attention to detail while making the garments realistically attainable.

The Mônot woman is self-aware and self-assured. She has a very clear vision of what she wants out of life. She knows what she looks good in and she is unafraid to go after what she desires. She is smart, powerful, and sexy. She sets and accomplishes her goals, enjoys a worthy challenge, and is all about making her dreams come true. The Mônot woman should never be underestimated or counted out.

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