Born and raised in Israel, Elad Yifrach is the founder and creative director behind L’OBJET. A lifelong traveler, Elad imbues every design with its own story–unique personal narrative celebrating the cultures which inspire them and the artisans who bring them to life. L'OBJET was founded in 2004 and through its collection for the home it extends traditional craftsmanship to create a new echelon of modern artistry. A passion for innovation–both in technique and material selection–infuses everything Elad creates. Each item is designed with rich detail, unmatched quality, and intended for a lifetime. L’OBJET transports the world and a wanderlust spirit directly to your home.
"For me, L’OBJET connects craft and culture to travel and a sense of discovery–that unmistakable feeling of seeing something for the very first time." - Demetri Kotenoglou, Living Editor

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