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Precious Pearl Eye Concentrate


The beauty of being you. Edward Bess masters the essence of enhancing exactly who you are. Through his carefully conceived, expertly edited textures and hues, he extracts timeless beauty from classical items.

Revitalize tired eyes with the power of Precious Pearl. Nature's purest gem holds the secret to restoring brightness, luster and radiance where you need it most. Harnessing the special light reflecting properties born from the heart of the sea, this powerful concentrate empowers dull skin around the eyes to reclaim a younger, more rested appearance. Sodium hyaluronate increases skin's moister levels for a supple, firmer feel. 

Apply under the eye from the inner corner to the outer corner in a gentle upward motion. Gently press into the skin with the fingertips until fully absorbed. 

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ITEM #851728-006528
  • ITEM #851728-006528

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