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ITEM #1216191 Maison d'Etto

Rotano Eau De Parfum


A forward-thinking statement on gender-neutral scent for the 21st century. Maison d'Etto founder Brianna Lipvosky has developed five distinct artisanal fragrances, each one of which is named for an unforgettable horse and inspired by moments in equestrian life and nature that have made a lasting impression.

A bold leather and woody fragrance. Sensuous, opulent notes of cedarwood, leather and stallion. Touched with the salty minerality of a 4pm ocean breeze rolling inland and dust settling on a freshly washed saddle. This evocative fragrance encourages us to harness our inner power. Rotano emboldens us to live with certainty and intention, revealing our unknown strengths at just the right time.

Top notes: cypriol, halo musk
Heart notes: stallion accord, suede, myrrh
Base notes: olibanum, cedarwood heart

  • 2 fl oz
  • Perfumer: Carlos Benaïm

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