Joya Studio founder Frederick Bouchardy, an olfactory jack-of-all-trades, represents the height of both creativity and entrepreneurship in fragrance today. His Brooklyn studio manufactures innovative vessels and scents for others while developing its own line, both of which use locally-sourced raw materials and sustainable packaging. When it came time to develop an exclusive scent for The Conservatory, Joya was an obvious and like-minded partner. Bouchardy and our founder Brian Bolke worked together to find the right notes to complement The Conservatory’s greenhouse-inspired space. Fittingly dubbed One, the finished product blends top notes of lemon and cedar leaf with a dry-down of galbanum and patchouli, and heart of Egyptian geranium, Virginia cedarwood and clove.
“There is a real subtlety and artistry in everything Joya makes. Frederick and his team are ideal partners for The Conservatory. I find myself picking up on different parts of the scent every time I burn it; it keeps revealing itself to you.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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