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ITEM #nightpace-tomtovine Night Space

Tomato Vine, Herbarium Collection Candle


This Hudson Valley-based brand is all about modern home fragrance that’s beautiful enough to reuse. Night Space honors a day's smallest gestures and life’s biggest events, and is truly a manifestation of founders Kat Hammill and Danielle Armstrong’s shared experiences and memories. Together they create scents that make you feel good about your space, and make guests curious to ask questions as soon as they walk in. 

Herbarium is an ode to wandering and collecting. This collection is about purity, innocence, and the simplicity of nature in our surroundings. Based on a collection of scents simply reminiscent of our youth, Herbarium is a mix of a wild floral, a woodsy romance and a lush garden which let the spirit of the wilderness linger. Each of these three scents is a journey, vibrant for the outdoors - exploring the smells of the earth. 

Tomato Vine brings the calming scent of a lush herb garden into your home. The candle features notes of bergamot, orange, citron, ivy vines, tomato, strawberry leaves, and grasslands.

  • Made in the USA
  • 17oz
  • Coconut soy wax

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