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Altar Cloth



Noat is a celebration of mystery, deepening connection with the unknown through the ritual of intimacy. Noat designs paper goods, fragrance and curio for those seeking a quiet sense of cosmopolitan style. Noat’s products are made from the highest quality ingredients and mindful materials for the well-being of all bodies; yours and the planet’s. Noat is an expression of designer Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza.

Noat altar cloths are imbued with the natural frequencies of the universe. Color is light and light is the manifestation of creation. Every color emits a unique vibration. Each plant the colors are derived from contain their own frequency and wisdom.

  • Imported
  • Organic French linen
  • Hand dyed with 100% plant based dyes
  • 18.5"L x 1.8"W
  • ITEM #AC2-4

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